Whistling in the Dark

Whistling in the DarkHere I am smack in the middle of a significant life change.  It’s unnerving and exhilarating, and it’s risky and scary.  It’s kinda like whistling in the dark.  You are mostly sure it will all be ok – sure enough to force a whistle, but it’s forced and it’s still dark.

My big life change is a new home and a new lifestyle:  leaving an area where I’ve spent all my life, saying goodbye to suburbia and a wonderful home that my husband and I raised our kids in.  But it really isn’t about leaving – it’s about going.

Going to a lake, where life is about water, boats, birds and destinations.  There are so many destinations on the water – wineries, small towns, restaurants and parks.  Even drifting is its own destination.  And for our drifter friends and family, it is our hope that our home will become a destination;  that we will be a change of scene, a place to reconnect and to rejuvenate.  But back to the hard part…

I’m sure there are universal reactions to taking a big step in a new direction, whether it’s a new home, new  job, new partner,  whatever.   There are ups and downs to change.   Are you coming or going?  Leaving or staying?  Like two sides to a coin.

There’s the anticipation and excitement of what might be.  And there’s the anxiety of what might be.

There’s fresh paint on walls.  But then there’s fresh paint on walls.  That first nail in the wall is so symbolic of taking ownership, making it your own, creating your own holes and blemishes.

There are goodbyes to familiar things like highways and hairdressers.  (I’ve always been comfortable with the idea that hair grows back from a bad cut but anyone who has had to find a new salon knows the anxiety that confronts me.)   And hellos to stoplights that are few and far between.  (I think there’s one about 5 miles from here.)

And so smack in the middle of this change – half in and half out- I understand how it helps to whistle in the dark.  It minimizes the fear of the unknown.  It announces that you are here and you are expecting light at any moment.  And it stirs the confidence that good things are coming.

So as you anticipate your next big change, if you are just thinking about it, if you are in the midst of it, or if you are settling in to it– in those scary moments that change always bring, join me in whistling in the dark!

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