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Good Enough!

“Good Enough.”  If you are to get anything done – especially as a leader- you need to develop an understanding and acceptance of this idea.  You must understand selective perfectionism – VERY selective.  You must understand the positive, explosive power … Continue reading

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Clearing Off My Desk No. 2

Another article I’ve been holding on to. Here’s why…. Important Work demands obsession. A Champion Ad Nauseam.  Someone whose focus is so intense and predictable that every one in every meeting learns to come prepared to talk about how their … Continue reading

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Throughout our careers there are maybe just a few conversations that replay in our minds.  They are words from people we respect.  They tell us something we carry with us every day.  They stick because they offer direction about how … Continue reading

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Average is Your Path to Richness

It wasn’t that long ago that my best friend and I made a secret pact.  What we whispered to each other we didn’t dare share with anyone else.  We couldn’t let on that what we fought so hard for was … Continue reading

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Slash Your Training Budget – Hire a Coach instead – Get More, Faster

It’s budget time and time to evaluate your investment in people.  How will you develop your team?  How will you get the support and development you need?  Many organizations use training workshops or packaged programs to fill the void.  Perhaps … Continue reading

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Setting Goals

2014 is on everyone’s mind.  Goals, budgets, timelines, plans.  Here are some tips as you develop your goals and plans for next year. Keep your goals simple and few.  Constantly ask yourself WHY you want to achieve that goal.  Be … Continue reading

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Our Unwritten Resumes

I need to update my LinkedIn Profile.  But adding my new contract as a Leadership Coach won’t fully describe what I do or who I am.  How do I write my unwritten resume?  What do my clients say about me?  … Continue reading

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4 Time Tips for Long Term Planning

Need time to think?  Are your days consumed by tasks, lengthy meetings, distractions and interruptions, while your goals and priorities go unattended?  Take back your time.  Roadblocks are everywhere.  How about the familiar “gotta minute?”  Open office plans and open … Continue reading

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Book Club Part 3: Are You My Mentor? (No.)

If you have to ask the question – the answer is probably no.  Mentors are essential but they aren’t a forced relationship.  Mentorship is the structure, not the source. It happens when you capture someone’s attention with a thoughtful question … Continue reading

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Five Tips on Improving Your Business Relationships           I am not a political junkie.  I can’t remember which party is red and which is blue.  But I agree with most Americans that we are in a state of government dysfunction.  … Continue reading

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