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Business Lessons from a Masked Man

A masked man had me pinned down.  He pulled and plucked at me, his eyes intent on his purposeful movements.  His helper lurked behind me, ready for the next command.   I was unable to speak. How had I gotten myself … Continue reading

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Words Matter

I was reading about writing.  I liked the challenge of saying something meaningful in one sentence. So I tried.  It’s a good lesson about word choice.  If you exchange some of my words the sentence has a different tone, a … Continue reading

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Feel the Joy of Success

I am a big fan of failure.  There is much to be learned from not succeeding.  There’s not a lot to be learned from a world where “everyone gets a trophy”.  That being said, I recently experienced the “Joy of … Continue reading

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Our Unwritten Resumes

I need to update my LinkedIn Profile.  But adding my new contract as a Leadership Coach won’t fully describe what I do or who I am.  How do I write my unwritten resume?  What do my clients say about me?  … Continue reading

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