Spring…Forward…Has Sprung…Cleaning…Spring Promise

forsythiaThe wind is whipping across the still frozen cove, once again spewing horizontal snow. Yes, it’s the first day of Spring. And it all feels forced. I forced my forsythia. They popped, bringing promise. Promise that the snow will melt, the cove will defrost, and reliable warmth will return.

Just as I forced the forsythia, I will force warmer weather. A change of scene is in order and so we head south for a few weeks to remember what a southern breeze feels like. A change of scene, working with a different view, like Spring, brings renewal. Time to shake off the winter routines. Time to get out of the winter rut we slipped in to unknowingly. Put down the remote and create each longer day anew.

The anticipation of change is half the fun. Like Spring – full of promise. We will return to a familiar place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s like walking in to an old friend’s house. You know where everything is – knives, soap, restaurants. Now to keep guard that we do create each day anew.   With a view of the ocean , a HUGE stack of books, client calls on the calendar , project ideas, and two dogs and a husband (all three of whom love routine) it will be my challenge to make the days my own, fresh and full.

Anticipation, it’s like Spring. Full of energy, full of promise, full of renewal.

If a change of scene isn’t in your stars right now, create some time this weekend to shake it up – to break the routine and to enjoy the promise of renewed vibrancy and energy. Here’s to the promise of Spring!

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