Executive Coaching Programs

“Humans are geared for homeostasis. Change is hard, we are afraid of it and are wired to resist it” ― David Rock, Author Coaching the Brain

Invest now in a coaching and mentoring partnership to hasten your development. Research shows that working with an executive coach brings exceptional returns. Coaching partnerships are customized and established in many different ways; in person, over the phone, weekly, biweekly, etc. Common arrangements are provided below as a general guide.

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Leadership Career Coaching

Leadership skills are developed over time with hard work, focus and a guiding hand.  Many inexperienced managers prefer to hire a coach in addition to their company’s training and development plans.  This is for those who want to get ahead faster.  These partnerships last 6 – 18 months.  Progress results from action plans and new insights developed in our 45 minute long phone calls (up to four per month).  Interim e-mail contact is encouraged for “spot coaching” and to celebrate successes along the way. $400 per month

Company Sponsored Executive Coaching

Many companies offer coaching as part of their management development programs for high-potential candidates and those looking to improve their management skills.  The three-way partnership which includes Human Resources, looks to blend corporate and personal development goals resulting in more effective leadership.  While the conversations are the same as in personal executive coaching, other forms of assessment (i.e. 360 degree feedback), accountability, progress meetings and shadowing may be included.  A typical contract is for 12 months and includes one in-person meeting and two 45 minute phone calls per month. $1000 per month

Personal Executive Coaching

For many reasons executives hire coaches independent of their company’s investment in them.  These executives realize the power of a coaching conversation and the opportunity to achieve more…faster than if they go it alone.  The coaching partnership often focuses on strategic decision-making, effective communication internally and externally, and achieving the best results possible. New insights and strategies are exposed through focused one-on-one reflective conversations, typically twice a month for an hour. $750 per month

Life Coach for Women Executives

Women executives have different challenges in the workplace and at home as compared to their male counterparts.  Life coaching for women executives focuses on the challenges of multi-tasking and achieving work life balance without sacrificing results in either.  The goal of life coaching for women executives is to be at your best in all roles of your life. Weekly half hour phone calls help to clarify priorities, develop new strategies for balance and explore others’ perspectives to achieve a satisfying daily life. $600 per month
Seminars/ Lunch ‘n Learns Stepping away from the day-to-day yields extraordinary opportunities to think beyond your immediate sphere.  Custom seminars can be developed on a wide variety of leadership topics such : Managing Vs Leading, Women’s Ways of Thinking, Developing the Art of Observation. Popular lunch ‘n learns include reviews of Top Business Books such as The World is Flat, Blink, Finding Flow and The First Sex. Fees start at $1000.
Customized 360 Degree Feedback and Action Planning Insights gained from those above, beside and below you on the organizational chart are invaluable for your development. Canned surveys can only glean so much information.  Working together we co-create a feedback instrument and a development plan to close any identified gaps. Fees start at $500