Our Unwritten Resumes

I need to update my LinkedIn Profile.  But adding my new contract as a Leadership Coach won’t fully describe what I do or who I am.  How do I write my unwritten resume?  What do my clients say about me?  What about my colleagues?  My previous boss,  my staff?  Did I/do I have a real understanding of my strengths and weaknesses?  Am I fair?  Inspiring? Demanding? Annoying?  Would folks say I have the “game changing generosity gene” that Jack Welch describes?

I was sparked by a recent LinkedIn post and the idea of an unwritten resume.( How to Decide Whether to Fake it  or To Bolt)  I need to rethink what my profile or resume says about me.  What about you? What is important about your professional life that isn’t on paper?  What do your colleagues think of you?  What would your manager say?  What gets you going?  Would Jack or Suzy Welch hire you?  (Seven Essentials in Jack’s Hiring Decisions).  And how do you communicate this on a resume or a profile?

I am not a big fan of formal assessments, but I believe that gathering feedback and commentary from those you work with offers rich and valuable insight.  What really got you that promotion or what held you back?  Do you know?  Are you underestimating your abilities?  Can a third party (like a coach or consultant) come by information that colleagues may be hesitant to directly offer?  You are at your best when you have a more complete and accurate sense of your professional self.  And these “unwritten” traits are probably the most important part of who you are.  But rarely do they appear in a LinkedIn profile or on your resume.   Maybe it is time to work on coloring in the picture with other people’s crayons?  It will improve your performance and then your resume.

If you are interested in working on a 360 Degree Review, contact me at Debbie@life-logistics.com.  In the meantime, I will be updating my profile and hope it will reflect at least some of Jack Welch’s essentials (Integrity, IQ, Energy, Edge, Execution, Passion and the Generosity Gene).

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