Life in Snow Stages

SnowdayStage 1:  JOY

I’m not doing any homework tonight.

Let’s pack up our skates and head to the ice rink.    Maybe a boy will pull my scarf…

Wake me up IF we have school tomorrow.

I’ve got some cafeteria trays – meet you at The Hill.

Stage 2:  WORRYwarning 1

Will I get a ticket if caught driving to work during a State of Emergency?

Is it foolish to go? It doesn’t matter – I have to.

Will Daycare be open if the schools are closed?

Where did I put the super-secret code to shut down the Call Center and route the calls to the California operation?

Do we have boots to fit the kids this year?

Where are the candles?

Stage 3:  WARMTHscotch

Do we have scotch?

Which book should I start?

I wonder how my son’s golf game went today.

I’m glad my daughter’s commute is on her own two feet.

Maybe we’ll shovel out tomorrow.

It’s the worry that makes the warmth all the more appreciated.

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One Response to Life in Snow Stages

  1. Lisa Alecci says:

    Love it, love it, love it. So true. Snowing here, kids are thrilled, full bottle of scotch, shoveling tomorrow (maybe).

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