Here’s to your great new ideas for 2016

I love sending out snail mail cards and just finished my Happy New Year 2016newest mailing.  I intentionally handwrite addresses as the process gives me a few minutes, at least once a year, to think about the depth and breadth of my connections.  To think about that person; my colleague, my client, my friend, and to wish them well.  To wonder what they are up to, to remember something special about them or something special we did together.  If I missed you this year and you actually enjoy receiving something personal in the mail, email me ( ) your address and I’ll joyfully add you to my snail mail list!

For those of you who didn’t receive this via classic old snail mail, I thought I’d share my “new ideas” for the upcoming year.  I am delighted to be working with new clients and working with a new coaching partnership for organizations looking for a team of coaches.  (Check us out a  What is truly a stretch for me is working behind the scenes (really far behind the scenes) on a new magazine (paper and digital) called Inspired Living for Women.  It’s a fascinating process to watch something like this grow and evolve and I hope one day to be able to make the big announcement of its official paper launch.  (It’s available for preview in its pre-launch format if you really want to watch it grow.  (

In the “renewed” category – I am renewing my commitment to stay connected to friends, clients and colleagues in a variety of means.  I do use Facebook quite a bit and would love it if you “like” my business page.  Just click the link below.

Life-Logistics on Facebook

In the meantime – start working on “what’s new for you”.  Would love to hear all about it.




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