Clearing Off My Desk

newspaper_clippingsScraps.  My fingertips are black from rereading saved newspaper articles.  As I resort – garbage, save, share-  some are still worthy, others I wonder what I was thinking.  Rather than shuffle I thought I’d share the ones I still love.

Holly Finn wrote A Cure for the Age of Inattention  for the Wall Street Journal.  She wrote:


“Across the board, our perceptiveness has plummeted.  What makes a person stand out now is the ability to look and keep looking.  A ‘museum intervention’ is now mandatory at Yale’s School of Medicine.  Called Enhancing Observational Skills, the program asks students to look at and then describe paintings.  The aim?  To improve diagnostic knack.”

This is one of the best ideas I have heard.  Medical students examine a painting for 15 minutes and then compare notes.  The course has proven to increase the effectiveness of these students’ diagnosis.  So slow down.  Look intently, for 15 minutes, at your operation or your team.  Observe.  Compare.  Share.

Exactly a year ago today I posted my first blog post, about this idea of intentional attention.  How fitting that this is the article I chose to share again today.  (Really, I was stunned when I went back to the post and saw the date!) .   Here’s the post:   My 15 minute experiment.   Keep On Looking!


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