Clearing Off My Desk No. 2

newspaper_clippingsAnother article I’ve been holding on to. Here’s why….

Important Work demands obsession. A Champion Ad Nauseam.  Someone whose focus is so intense and predictable that every one in every meeting learns to come prepared to talk about how their work or the other unrelated issues on the agenda relate to the Important Work.

When you are spearheading a change in work process, a cultural shift in an organization, a new system implementation,  you must  “…bird-dog every stage of its creation and rollout, with obsessive attention to the testing …to the public’s first encounter.  There [will] be go/no-go inflection points and back-up timetables, cold-eyed performance reviews and abrupt dismissals.  And, in the worst case, a plan to put everything on hold to sort out all the problems.”  Edward Kosner describes how a seasoned executive learns from mistakes and manages successful implementations.

The Wall Street Journal Opinion Kosner shares is an incredibly well-written article on leadership, management, and delegation.  (I guess I should not be surprised at the writing.  He was the editor of Newsweek, New York Magazine, Esquire and NY Daily News.  Actually that long list makes me wonder if he wasn’t able to hold down a job , but I digress).  Set your politics aside, the example here is Obamacare, and read this piece.  It’s about management and there’s much to be learned.  Here’s the full piece: on Management

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