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Here’s to your great new ideas for 2016

I love sending out snail mail cards and just finished my newest mailing.  I intentionally handwrite addresses as the process gives me a few minutes, at least once a year, to think about the depth and breadth of my connections.  … Continue reading

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Spring…Forward…Has Sprung…Cleaning…Spring Promise

The wind is whipping across the still frozen cove, once again spewing horizontal snow. Yes, it’s the first day of Spring. And it all feels forced. I forced my forsythia. They popped, bringing promise. Promise that the snow will melt, … Continue reading

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February 25th- Time to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

My daughter suffers from the same affliction as me, Planner Hypomania.   It consumes us, particularly in December. We spend all month reviewing our options, researching on-line and face-to-face. We troll the office supply sections of various stores in search of … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Book Club: “Thrive” – Well-being

We’ve all heard the same advice:  get your rest, exercise, blah, blah,blah.  Huffington is on the bandwagon too, but her approach is a refreshing read.  She offers different perspectives including her own, as an individual and as a CEO responsible … Continue reading

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Second in a Series- My One Woman Book Club – THRIVE by Arianna Huffington

A year ago it was all about Lean In.   Though I appreciated Sandberg’s messages, something was lacking.  I’m happy to report I found it in Thrive, Arianna Huffington’s most recent book.  Here’s a little background on my discovery. In 2012 … Continue reading

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Good Enough!

“Good Enough.”  If you are to get anything done – especially as a leader- you need to develop an understanding and acceptance of this idea.  You must understand selective perfectionism – VERY selective.  You must understand the positive, explosive power … Continue reading

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Mindless Moments

I was really looking for a mindless moment.  Nothing like a pedicure for drifting away and maybe it would also urge flip-flop weather along.  I took my seat in the comfy massage chair, dipped my feet in to the really … Continue reading

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Whistling in the Dark

Here I am smack in the middle of a significant life change.  It’s unnerving and exhilarating, and it’s risky and scary.  It’s kinda like whistling in the dark.  You are mostly sure it will all be ok – sure enough … Continue reading

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Clearing Off My Desk No. 2

Another article I’ve been holding on to. Here’s why…. Important Work demands obsession. A Champion Ad Nauseam.  Someone whose focus is so intense and predictable that every one in every meeting learns to come prepared to talk about how their … Continue reading

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Clearing Off My Desk

Scraps.  My fingertips are black from rereading saved newspaper articles.  As I resort – garbage, save, share-  some are still worthy, others I wonder what I was thinking.  Rather than shuffle I thought I’d share the ones I still love. … Continue reading

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