Another 30 Day Challenge? Commit to something every day.

A month ago I shared my commitment to writing every weekday.  It has been a long month and if asked, I would say that this was a hard challenge. I learned a few things that will help me create a better October challenge.  (What?  Another challenge?  Why stop now I say!).  Maybe these ideas will help you too.

–      Rightsize your goal

–      Prepare to fail

–      Consider building

Like so many people, I got excited about a new habit, a new routine, a new goal.  And I devised a 30 day challenge that was bigger than I realized.  There’s nothing wrong with grand goals – as long as you are sure they are sustainable.  Mine was not and I am now going to “rightsize” my challenge for October.  My expectation is that a more realistic goal will allow a routine to develop and I will celebrate success every day.

Which brings me to my second learning.  When you fail, as I did a time or two, don’t be surprised.  Accept it, learn from it and start again the next day.  I did not beat myself up about the days I didn’t write or post something.  But I didn’t forget about them either.  I asked myself why I didn’t write or post and learned something that will help me in my refining my October Challenge.  I found that I can’t let myself say “I’ll do it tonight” – because my evenings just aren’t meant for writing.  So I learned I have to make the time to get it done during the day.

And along with rightsizing goals comes the idea of building up to them (like training for a half-marathon?).  Last month I committed to posting my daily writing on my blog every day.  I still like the idea of writing every day, but not everything I write is worthy of posting.  So if my ultimate goal is to share something meaningful and of value every day, I need to work up to that by improving my writing skills.   So first things first – write every day, post 3 times a week.  This gives me time to hone my ideas, edit my work, and hopefully give you all a better reading experience!

I have a whole list of 30 day challenges that I’d like to take on such as eat a salad every day or walk 10,000 steps a day, but I still don’t feel like I’ve created a new habit or routine yet with my first one – so I’m sticking to writing – just refining my goal.

How about you?  October starts tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Another 30 Day Challenge? Commit to something every day.

  1. Lynda says:

    I have enjoyed your posted, and you have nudged me into action….I am committing to 22 minutes of daily decluttering. I moved exactly one year ago, and I still have boxes tucked away out of sight. I have too many clothes in my closet that I still haven’t worn after two moves. I recently shipped off 60 t-shirts for 2 quilts that I have thought about for years. It was liberating. It is time to purge or pass along, and be set free. Hopefully it will create some better habits in the future.

    • Debbie Hoke says:

      Lynda – So glad it has been a liberating experience! And what a great idea to free yourself of T Shirts and retain the memories in a quilt! Closets are my next step so I hopefully won’t move much (ha!). It’s a theory.
      Thanks for your comments and encouragement to us all and hope you are having a great one year anniversary at the new house!

  2. Sue Johnson says:

    This post is probably one of those that could go down in history as a key to success. Set goals, start out, have setbacks, reassess, start something again more manageable – one step at a time moving forward. Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to ‘fail’ – just need to reset and get back to it. Less guilt & more good!

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