Week Two – In Review

It is only the second week of my daily commitment to writing and I am learning some things – about myself and about writing.  I probably have more questions than answers but that is a fine byproduct for the time being.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that a writing challenge gets me thinking more deeply about things than I normally would.  I’ve never been short on ideas (interesting at least to me!), but now I must narrow them down, choose one, and explore a little more freely and deeply. I do still “wander around” a lot but I am learning more about focus and depth.

Another realization, in just two weeks, is that sitting down to write every day just isn’t that big of a deal.  In the beginning this loomed large in my daily plans and I was always thinking about when, what, where, why.  I now sense that it is starting to become a routine.  Though this new “routine” is just in its infancy, I can see how it will develop.  Still, it must be nurtured.  I suspect I need to be mindful of premature confidence in calling it a habit.  Perhaps that’s why experts say 30 days and not 10 or 15!

So I look forward to next week while I let my ideas simmer in superficial weekend thinking…which will no doubt be somewhat of a relief!

What have you learned so far from your daily challenge?

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