Week Three – Fail

I have lots Success-Through-Failureof reasons why I didn’t write every day last week.  But they don’t matter.  What matters is getting back on track. So here I am.  I do want to share one thing about last week.  Something interesting happened.  Somehow I shifted from “Just Do It” to “Do Your Best”.  And I think it’s too early in the process for me to do both (since this isn’t my full-time job.)

Perhaps when you are trying to create a new habit you must focus on the routine rather than the outcome.  Perhaps this is why the “how to write” books say just write every day, don’t edit, don’t filter, just get something down.  And perhaps this is why all the “change your life” plans are 30 days.  Last week I said “sitting down to write every day just isn’t that big of a deal”.  That is the “Just Do It” part.  I need to get back to that and calm down about writing well.  Once my 30 days are up I can create a new challenge that includes “write well”.  But for now I need to Just Do It!

I know many of you have taken on a 30 day challenge to establish a new habit/routine. Have you all been succeeding?  Do you have some insights in to your success or failure?  Do I stand alone with a fail last week?

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