Slash Your Training Budget – Hire a Coach instead – Get More, Faster

2014 BudgetIt’s budget time and time to evaluate your investment in people.  How will you develop your team?  How will you get the support and development you need?  Many organizations use training workshops or packaged programs to fill the void.  Perhaps now is the time to switch to one-on-one coaching and get the results that group training cannot match.

Coaching Versus Training

Coaching delivers immediate returns to the individual, the team and the organization. A coach provides individualized, laser focus on real and current opportunities or challenges facing leaders.  Progress and development is co-created, establishing a change process that maintains its energy and impact through weekly phone calls. No travel, no distractions, no one-shot deals.

Team training presents ideas, theories and group activities, but can be difficult to apply and cannot possibly deliver unique solutions.  Coaching makes more happen, faster, dramatically decreasing development time.  Training classes take time to sink it. And presuming they do sink in, you are alone to recognize the change opportunity, devise your actions and implement what you learned, all “flying solo”.  With a coaching relationship, this happens from one phone call with your strategic silent partner.

Returns on a coaching investment can be summarized as follows:

Participant Benefit
Leader/client Specific 1:1 guidanceImmediate action and results


Accountability to change

Blind spots revealed

Leader/client’s team Model coaching approachCreate a coaching climate

Improve Leadership behaviors

Leader/client’s organization Future Leaders develop fasterTalent Retention

More effective management

How Can I Talk to My Manager about Coaching?

Many leaders believe they would benefit from coaching expertise but are unclear how to present this opportunity to their manager.  Here are some typical situations that cry out for a coach’s expertise.  Perhaps you recognize yourself or someone on your team in the scenarios below:

  • You work well from the strengths the company acknowledges in your performance review and want to be quick to address the skill gaps identified.  Training is an option but it isn’t as fast or as specific as you’d like.  A coach will help you identify growth opportunities, recognize patterns and hold you accountable to your own development.  You will become more, faster!


  • You are new to a role or a project and your team needs strengthening.  Performance goals and communication channels need to be created.  The different and unfamiliar personalities make it challenging to move forward quickly.  A coach as a partner will help you decipher the team’s needs and co-create a smooth-running and effective group.  In your coaching calls you will explore different approaches and different perspectives to establish a successful approach.  You will influence the team in a more constructive and productive fashion.  You will get more, faster!


  • It’s clear there is a new project, or an issue, or a challenge on senior management’s mind.  A big change is to be implemented and you want a role in it.  You are ready to champion the cause and know that with a coach’s support and direction matched with internal expertise, you can be the champion that this new initiative demands.  How to get more done faster? Working with your coach clarifying the vision, improving skills such as time management, delegation, and communication will make you the hero the company needs.

All of these scenarios are opportunities for your company to get more, faster.  Your development, at a faster pace, creates synergy and a high return on investment.

Perhaps your organization wants something concrete in return for this investment, what is the ROI? It is common for the coach, the leader/client and the manager to co-create goals so everyone is on the same page.  Deadlines and company measures are clear.  Three-way “check-in” calls ensure everyone stays on the same page.  Coachees submit pre-call worksheets and/or coaching call summaries that HR or their managers review for progress.  Any or all of these coaching connections keep a client on track, the company in the loop and the coach on constant watch for new opportunities for improvement.

And as for the budget- the cost of weekly coaching calls for 6 months is comparable to a typical 3 day AMA management seminar.  So put your training dollars to work in a more effective way.  Reduce or eliminate your training budget and transfer those dollars in to individual development with coaching.  Compare the return on investment in individualized coaching to a large group, packaged program.  Those programs have their place, but not when you want more, faster!

Email for more information and a proposal specific to your needs.

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