It’s a good kind of nervous

Doing something new, something different, something out of your comfort zone.  It can create anxiety, it can get you all tingly, it can be good for you.

Tonight my hBallusband and I are going to a Ball!  It is at a beautiful local Inn, under the stars, lakeside.  Potentially magical.

I didn’t even know Balls existed anymore but what really makes this a big deal for us is that it is in our future hometown.  We are walking in knowing one and only one couple.  And that makes me nervous:  a formal event, in a small town, where presumably everyone knows everyone else.  And then there’s us.   But if we are going to make this move to Upstate NY successful, it’s time to jump in.  So here we go.  Not much time to write today – have to do my nails, my hair…..


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