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Life in Snow Stages

Stage 1:  JOY I’m not doing any homework tonight. Let’s pack up our skates and head to the ice rink.    Maybe a boy will pull my scarf… Wake me up IF we have school tomorrow. I’ve got some cafeteria trays … Continue reading

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Reflections on 2013

I love a new calendar.  It documents connections – people to see.  It presents opportunities – things to do and learn.  It portrays full days and down days.  But before I go crazy on my 2014 catalogue of life I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

There’s a little bit of a story behind my newfound connections to Neil Gaiman.  He has appeared in my life a few times over the past few months.  One of which was a great quote from him about New Year’s … Continue reading

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A Really Simple Christmas

I simplified my life by cancelling my magazine subscriptions.  It not only reduced the clutter of the unread, it eliminated the stress of a pile of “should read”.  Now, once in awhile, when a cover at the checkout line catches … Continue reading

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Throughout our careers there are maybe just a few conversations that replay in our minds.  They are words from people we respect.  They tell us something we carry with us every day.  They stick because they offer direction about how … Continue reading

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Average is Your Path to Richness

It wasn’t that long ago that my best friend and I made a secret pact.  What we whispered to each other we didn’t dare share with anyone else.  We couldn’t let on that what we fought so hard for was … Continue reading

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Business Lessons from a Masked Man

A masked man had me pinned down.  He pulled and plucked at me, his eyes intent on his purposeful movements.  His helper lurked behind me, ready for the next command.   I was unable to speak. How had I gotten myself … Continue reading

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Intentions VS. Ideals

Balance is out.  After years of trying to convince women that work/life balance is the ideal, there’s growing recognition that most “ideals” aren’t goals. (Think Barbie).  Contemporary women like Sheryl Sandberg, Anne Marie Slaughter, and Debora Spar dispel the balance … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenges continued….

Flipping the calendar.  Do we all ask the same two questions:  “where did last month go?”  And  “what’s up next?”  We rarely stop and say “what did I accomplish last month?”  But when you take on a 30 day challenge, … Continue reading

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Intuitive Design? I Need to Understand!

October 19, 2013 is a day that does not exist in my digital world.  All because of intuitive design.  I blame Seagate.  Or maybe Season Two of Homeland. Twenty-five years ago I was excited about having a personal computer.  We … Continue reading

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