30 Day Challenges continued….

NovemberFlipping the calendar.  Do we all ask the same two questions:  “where did last month go?”  And  “what’s up next?”  We rarely stop and say “what did I accomplish last month?”  But when you take on a 30 day challenge, you do ask yourself this question.  You are mindful, attentive to what you accomplished.  I re-read my October challenge and I am proud to say I fared well.  And a writing routine is beginning to settle.  I guess I need 60 days instead of 30 to imbed a new habit in to my days.

And now it is November, and I am still energized by 30 day challenges.  This month, I will continue to build on my previous writing challenges.  I want to learn more from and about LinkedIn.  Can it be as engaging and viral as Facebook?  Can I create meaningful posts for my colleagues?  When I share my thoughts there – who will show up in my life?  Three posts a week.  At some point thought, a challenge becomes a routine and I’m close.  So it is time to commit to something completely different.

It needs to be simple, to be scaled in reality and if a day is missed, it is easy to start anew the next day.  Join me! Here are some ideas to get your November challenge ideas flowing.

Listen to a new song, every day

Say Hello to a stranger, every day

Listen to a podcast instead of the news, every day

Say good morning and good night to your staff, every day

Hug/kiss your family good morning and good night, every day

Empty your sink and dish drain, every day

Do 30 sit-ups, every day

What can be so hard about 30 sit-ups for 30 days?  We’ll see.  What will you do?

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  1. Sue Johnson says:

    I’m signing up for the 30 sit ups per day. And, reading all your posts for a renewed shot in the arm to keep me motivate!

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